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About three years ago, the Noches de Cata group Tasting nights with pisco with Jaime Marimon, who was then the President of the Regulatory Council of the Pisco Appelation of Origin "CRDO-Pisco". The talk was about our interest in creating a tasters association, and Jaime indicated us that the Regulatory Council doesn't recognize any tasters association. asociación de catadoresThe council recognizes tasters individually and calls them for competitions or other tasting activities that arise. Additionally, they have a database with the registration of newers & experts tasters.

The term "experts" refers to tasters who have participated as newers in three regional pisco contests and three national contests organized by the CRDO-Pisco, which is now the National Pisco Commission "Conapisco". They must also participate in and pass the courses on pisco tasting methodology & technique that these institutions organize to evaluate us.

As registration renewal for tasters was due in 2016, the CRDO-Pisco informed us about this, and as an association, we passed on the relevant information to our members.

At the Peruvian Tasters Association, our interest is tastingWe know that if we don't practice it, we won't achieve efficiency in our work. A taster must practice. Having a title is not enough, it's like a pilot "the more flight hours, the better." If we taste badly, we lose efficiency & can be led to errors by our perceptions without practice, which is not fair or responsible, especially if we are participating in a contest. Of course, if we resume tasting, we can continue with the work, which is an advantage. This is why one of our objectives for our members is to have rooms where we can carry out these practices, not only for pisco but also for other beverages or food.

What we cannot offer our members as an association is to be named Expert Pisco Tasters.That is not our job. Our job is to prepare or better maintain them in the art of tasting so that when Conapisco or the CRDO-Pisco opens the Tasters Register again, they are prepared to take on any challenge regarding tasting. At the same time, if our members want to become Expert Pisco Tasters, they must fulfill all the requirements to reach that goal.

Being an Expert Pisco Taster is not a title to advertise; it's not the end. The end is to be better professionals in tasting, to remain active, to comply with the regulations of the contests, to be fair, to respect our Cultural Heritage of the Nation & to behave before, during, and after the contests.

Let us not forget that since the late sixteenth century, there were already the so-called "Mojoneros" ((Aforadores), responsible for evaluating the wines that arrived or were produced in these lands, preventing adulteration. Thus, the Taster plays an important role in society by technically evaluating a product based on their knowledge, providing the final consumer with an effective tool to help them choose the product they wish to purchase. Enjoy pisco responsibly.

Til next time!

By Livio Pastorino Wagner Sommelier, Specialist, and Pisco Taster Registration: CRDO-PISCO 2020 RCO-034-2011


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